Agriculture and food processing

Agriculture significantly contributes to the economy and is the main source of economic activity in the rural areas. More than one third of Armenia’s active workforce is involved in the agricultural sector.

According to National Statistical Service of the RA 3.4% GDP growth recorded in Armenia in 2014 was mainly due to growth in agriculture, which comprises about 19.5% of GDP.

The natural environmental conditions in Armenia are in favour of the food processing companies specialized in wine production, vegetable and fruit-growing industries, as well as dairy, meat and poultry production.

There are 88 companies with 2,540 staff in average producing agricultural product as at June 2015, but only about 3% percent of agricultural output is produced by the commercial companies, the rest relies on household farms.

AN Audit's farming clients operate in both the livestock and plant growing sectors. Our team offers a comprehensive range of core services to our clients such as audit, accounts preparation, payroll and taxation.


"Tamara fruit" CJSC

"Spitak poultry factory" LLC

"ATP" Charitable Foundation

"Samkon" LLC

"Club Pogreb Noya" LLC

"VS ev Ani Yard SA" CJSC

"Norka Trading Company" LLC

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